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EcoFish Direct

For additional information — including receiving our weekly price quotes — please fill out our short email form or call Karin toll free at 1.877.214.3474.

Species List

True Cod   Sablefish
Dungeness Crab   Wild Alaskan Salmon
Halibut   Scallops
Mahimahi   Shrimp
Mussels   Squid
Oysters   Tuna

For detailed information about each species, please click here.

Premium Quality
EcoFish is proud to offer only the finest quality seafood available. Each and every EcoFish product is All Natural. This means that they contain no preservatives, growth hormones, antibiotics, moisture retainers, etc. Although use of these additives are prevalent in the seafood industry today, you can rest assured that they will never be a part of EcoFish.

"I truly believe that the quality of the seafood that EcoFish supplies is some of the best available in this country."
Chef Ann Cooper
Board of Overseers
Chefs Collaborative

Environmental Responsibility
All products in the EcoFish line are sourced exclusively through sustainable fisheries. Each item we offer has been approved by our world renowned Seafood Advisory Board. Prior to offering a new species, our Board evaluates issues including, but not limited to: bycatch, existing stock level, harvest method, and fishery management. If there is unanimous approval of a species by our Advisory Board, then it may be added to our product list. If there are any environmental, sustainability, or biological issues surrounding a species, EcoFish will not offer it.

"Great fish — backed up by great information about the vitality and sustainability of the world's fisheries."
Rick Bayless
Frontera Grill & Topolobampo - Chicago, IL

Overnight Delivery
Our products are shipped direct to your door from their native region via express courier service. This method eliminates the costly distribution chain, and time your fish spends in someone else's cooler. With EcoFish, your product is shipped straight from the source to you, non-stop, assuring you receive the freshest product available.

"Our search for sustainable seafood ended with the discovery of EcoFish... the easy ordering and knowledgeable service...I enthusiastically and sincerely recommend EcoFish to any chef."
Kevin von Klause
Executive Chef

Free Educational Materials
We at EcoFish are proud of our product line, and are more than willing to share our knowledge with you, your staff, and perhaps most importantly, your clientele. We offer customized educational materials about our products; please don't hesitate to ask us for information. You, as a consumer, should feel free to call on us as a resource for all of your seafood questions. We're here for you.

"A great source of support for us has been the people at EcoFish. First of all, GREAT PRODUCT, THANK YOU. Secondly, they have been on the ball with educational materials. We have gotten pamphlets and brochures that help to educate and train staff on the quality of procurement procedures and the great care that is taken to be a responsible and sustainable company."
Aaron Miller
Executive Chef
Coronado Cafe - Scottsdale, Arizona

Giving Back To The Environment
EcoFish donates a generous portion of our pre-tax profits to marine conservation and educational efforts.

"They have a mission that is much more important than the bottom line: to keep the world's seas plentiful and unchanged."
Ming Tsai
Blue Ginger - Wellesley, Massachusetts

Our Guarantee
We at EcoFish stand behind our product 100%. If there is an issue, we address it. If there is a problem, we fix it. We are so certain you'll be thrilled with EcoFish, we ask you to try it risk free. Give us a call and place an order. If for any reason you're unsatisfied, you don't pay for it. It's that simple.

"EcoFish falls exactly in line with the companies I do business with, it's the only place that makes an effort to provide environmentally sound fish. You can trust them ... you don't have to ask a million questions about where the fish comes from."
Nora Pouillon
Chef & Owner
Restaurant Nora & Asia Nora - Washington, DC

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