"These days, it is hard to find a good, fresh, fish without chemicals, pollutants, etc. Along comes EcoFish at my local health food store and life is good again. I have tried the Calamari, salmon and most recently, the delectable white shrimp! Bravo! I may never buy fish anywhere else again. I had to write to you to tell you that you have one very happy customer. Keep up the good work."

Roberta K.

Henry Lovejoy, President
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Sustainable Product Arrives in U.S.A. Stores Just in Time for Holiday Menus

(Portsmouth, N.H…December 1, 2004) EcoFish, the nation’s leading supplier of seafood exclusively from environmentally sustainable fisheries, is launching today the country’s first nationally distributed Organic Shrimp. The organic shrimp will be available through hundreds of natural foods and gourmet retailers nationwide. A complete list of retailers is available by calling 603-430-0101 or through www.ecofish.com.

EcoFish’s new organic shrimp are packed in a colorful half-pound stand-up pouch, which can be found in the frozen section at fine gourmet and natural foods stores nationwide. The shrimp are quick-frozen within minutes of being harvested, locking in peak freshness and flavor. They are medium-sized, frozen raw, and prepared “easy-peel,” with a slit cut down the back, assuring ease of use. Suggested retail price is $7.99 per bag.

EcoFish will be donating a portion of the sale of every bag of shrimp to help support sea turtle restoration projects around the world. Sea turtle populations have plummeted in recent years, due in large part to entanglement in commercial fishing gear. By buying EcoFish organic shrimp, consumers will support sustainable shrimp farms and help rebuild turtle populations, and make a real difference.

EcoFish friends Ocean Boy Farms in central Florida raise these shrimp organically from their own hatchery and without additives, which means fresh, clean, healthy shrimp with every bite. The shrimp are certified by Quality Certification Services (QCS) under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic standard for livestock as antibiotic-free, hormone-free, preservative-free, and 100% organic. QCS is a USDA-accredited domestic and international organic certifier, based in Gainesville Florida.

Most farmed shrimp available around the world today come from farms that have serious problems with pollution, habitat destruction and chemical use, and most wild shrimp have their own environmental baggage as well, primarily concerning excessive by-catch, which includes turtles. By-catch is incidental catch or capture of untargeted species.

Henry Lovejoy, president and founder of EcoFish, says, “EcoFish has pioneered the concept of environmental sustainability in the seafood industry. We are proud to provide a first-in-its-category sustainable and delicious shrimp option to the rapidly expanding consumer demographic that seeks high quality foods that don’t harm the environment. Consumers can now vote with their wallets and support a shrimp farm that is setting the standard for a sustainable future in aquaculture.”

Ocean Boy Farms operates a dynamic, state-of-the-art, vertically integrated aquaculture operation, designed around environmental sustainability. The shrimp are farmed and raised far from the ocean in a closed re-circulating system, without the use of chemicals, utilizing deep 20-million-year-old aquifers that feed the ponds. In this way, the farm avoids the traditional environmental issues usually associated with shrimp farming. In addition, they raise their own organic tilapia to feed the shrimp.

Stutts Armstrong, vice president of sales & marketing at Ocean Boy Farm, states, “We are very excited about our newly formed partnership with EcoFish. EcoFish’s high standards of quality and genuine concern for the environment and sustainability make them a perfect partner for Ocean Boy Farms.”

About EcoFish
Founded in 1999, and based in Portsmouth, N.H., EcoFish is the world’s first distributor of seafood exclusively from environmentally sustainable fisheries. EcoFish was established with the conviction that increasingly man’s ability to remove fish from the ocean far outstrips the ocean’s ability to replenish itself. Today, EcoFish brand seafood can be found in over 1,200 gourmet and natural food stores and over 125 fine restaurants nationwide. All selections are recommended and approved by an independent Seafood Advisory Board, comprised of some of the world’s leading marine conservation scientists. Working with conservation and fishing communities, EcoFish seeks a sustainable solution for the oceans, consumers, and the seafood industry, believing that ultimately the consumer is the force for change in marine conservation. Visit www.ecofish.com for more information.

Beautiful digital photo of product available upon request.

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