"These days, it is hard to find a good, fresh, fish without chemicals, pollutants, etc. Along comes EcoFish at my local health food store and life is good again. I have tried the Calamari, salmon and most recently, the delectable white shrimp! Bravo! I may never buy fish anywhere else again. I had to write to you to tell you that you have one very happy customer. Keep up the good work."

Roberta K.

Henry Lovejoy, President
TEL: 603.430.0101
FAX: 603.430.9929
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Karen Tarica, MSC US


EcoFish Becomes the First National Distributor of Eco-labeled Sustainable Seafood Products

Portsmouth, NH — A small New England seafood distributor has become the first national distributor of seafood products certified sustainable as part of the internationally-recognized Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) program. EcoFish will begin distributing MSC labeled products to restaurants and grocery stores nationwide.

"EcoFish is proud to be the first distributor in the country to receive its MSC Chain of Custody certification," said Henry Lovejoy, President of EcoFish. "Pursuing this certification signifies EcoFish's full support of the MSC program and the similarity of our missions."

EcoFish and the MSC are dedicated to helping preserve the future of the world's seafood supply by promoting responsible fishing practices. Both organizations believe market-based incentives can be a strong tool in encouraging improved fishery management. When consumers purchase sustainable seafood, like EcoFish products bearing the MSC eco-label, it can reduce the pressure on depleted and threatened species and sends a message to fishery managers that sound fishing practices are rewarded.

"Consumers can rest assured that by purchasing MSC-labeled products from EcoFish, they are voicing support for healthier oceans and the long term viability of the seafood products they love," said Jim Humphreys, the US Director of the MSC. "Consumers are letting fishery managers know they care about where their seafood comes from and how it was harvested."

To bear the MSC eco-label, a fishery comes forward to be assessed against the MSC sustainability standard. A third-party certifier examines the health of the fish stock, the effect fishing has on the marine ecosystem and the fishery management practices. Once a fishery earns certification, processors and distributors undergo a chain of custody certification proving the traceability of the certified fish. Products from certified fisheries can then use the MSC eco-label which gives consumers a quick and easy way to identify the best environmental choices in seafood — those from sources which have not been overfished or harvested in ways that harm the marine ecosystem.

The Alaska Salmon Fishery is the first US fishery to earn certification and the largest fishery certified to date. Other certified fisheries include Western Australian Rock Lobster, Thames Herring and New Zealand Hoki. More than two-dozen fisheries are currently at some point in the MSC certification process. EcoFish is among those companies working to make sustainable seafood like Alaska salmon available to consumers.

"As global fisheries evolve, concerned consumers need a reliable source of certified sustainable seafood – EcoFish with its MSC certification is ideally suited to fill this demand," said Lovejoy. "EcoFish will serve as a one stop source for all MSC certified products, to fine restaurants and grocery stores nationwide."

EcoFish is a Portsmouth, NH based national wholesaler and retailer of ecologically friendly seafood. For more information visit www.ecofish.com.

The MSC is an international, non-profit organization created by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Unilever to help reverse the continued decline in the world's fisheries. The MSC has been autonomous since 1999 and currently has offices in London and Seattle. For more information visit www.msc.org.

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