"These days, it is hard to find a good, fresh, fish without chemicals, pollutants, etc. Along comes EcoFish at my local health food store and life is good again. I have tried the Calamari, salmon and most recently, the delectable white shrimp! Bravo! I may never buy fish anywhere else again. I had to write to you to tell you that you have one very happy customer. Keep up the good work."

Roberta K.

Henry Lovejoy, President
TEL: 603.430.0101
FAX: 603.430.9929
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EcoFish Launches Restaurant Direct Program as Nation's Top Chefs Join EcoFish in Support of Sustainable Seafood

PORTSMOUTH, NH — November 14, 2000 — Today EcoFish launched its Restaurant Direct Program, as eight of the nation's top chefs who are leading proponents of sustainable food practices, have joined EcoFish's Chefs Advisory Board. Now fine chefs from around the country can have premium quality sustainably harvested seafood delivered direct to their restaurant's door within 24 hours!

"I truly believe that the quality of the seafood that EcoFish supplies is some of the best available in this country. Not only is the quality superb, but their beliefs, mores and integrity are aligned with mine and ones that support sustainable food for the future."
   -Ann Cooper, Executive Chef Ross School, Consulting Chef     for The Putney Inn

EcoFish is a Portsmouth, NH based national wholesaler & retailer of ecologically friendly seafood. All species offered are screened and approved by the EcoFish Seafood Advisory Board, consisting of some of the world's leading marine scientists and conservationists. EcoFish has pledged to donate 25 percent of pre-tax profits to help support marine conservation, education and research efforts around the world. EcoFish firmly believes that "ultimately the force for change in marine conservation is the consumer."

"We are excited about EcoFish here at Salamander. I have a great concern about the quality of the ingredients we cook with and offer to our guests. EcoFish answers all our questions. pristine quality, knowledgeable staff, helpful training tools and a shared vision of sustainable seafood procurement."
   -Stan Frankenthaler, Proprietor/Executive Chef, Salamander     Restaurant - Boston, MA

Some featured species include: Dungeness Crab from the sustainably managed low by-catch trap fishery in Oregon, Pacific Halibut from the well-managed quota-based Alaskan long-line fishery, Atlantic Cod from the novel CCCHFA hook and line fishery on Cape Cod, farmed Striped Bass from an environmentally sustainable operation in Massachusetts, Albacore Tuna from the U.S. West Coast low by-catch troll fishery, wild salmon from the well managed Alaskan troll fishery and Spot Shrimp from the low by-catch Alaskan trap fishery.

"EcoFish gives environmentally concerned chefs a reliable source for sustainable fish — our last 'wild' food."
  -Nora Pouillon, Chef & Owner, Restaurant Nora & Asia Nora -    Washington DC

"Simplicity, sustainability and freshness are our prime directives at Waters, EcoFish accomplishes and surpasses these considerations. "An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come", Victor Hugo. EcoFish's idea and time has come!"
   -Andrew Spurgin, Executive Director, Waters Fine Catering -     San Diego, CA

EcoFish has its corporate offices and distribution center in Portsmouth, NH. Restaurants, Natural Food Stores and Consumers can order EcoFish's premium quality sustainable seafood over the secure server on-line at www.ecofish.com, or call 603.430.0101.

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