"These days, it is hard to find a good, fresh, fish without chemicals, pollutants, etc. Along comes EcoFish at my local health food store and life is good again. I have tried the Calamari, salmon and most recently, the delectable white shrimp! Bravo! I may never buy fish anywhere else again. I had to write to you to tell you that you have one very happy customer. Keep up the good work."

Roberta K.

Henry Lovejoy, President
TEL: 603.430.0101
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EcoFish.com Launches Novel Web Site Retailing Ecologically Friendly Seafood

STRAFFORD , NH September 23, 1999 — Until today, consumers did not have a source of ecologically sound seafood. Now, with the advent of EcoFish.com, consumers can log-on to the secure web site www.ecofish.com and choose from a wide variety of ecologically responsible and premium-quality seafood. With the ongoing barrage of negative press surrounding the decline of numerous popular species of seafood, environmentally conscious consumers were at a loss as to which species to avoid and which fisheries to support.

EcoFish was founded by entrepreneur Henry W. Lovejoy: "After ten years of experience building trading companies to market seafood around the globe, I saw first hand the critical state of numerous fisheries and the immediate need for reducing pressure on these stocks by providing consumers with the choice of ecologically responsible seafood." Lovejoy believes firmly that "ultimately the force for change in marine conservation is the consumer."

Dr. Carl Safina, Director of the National Audubon Societies' Living Oceans Program in support of EcoFish's mission states: "Fisheries management is in many cases deadlocked by politics and industry lobbying, resulting in depleted fisheries. Consumers power is potentially enormous in moving fisheries toward better health, but before consumers can vote with their wallets they need to know how to find fish caught in more sustainable ways. Ecofish has pledged to seek and sell seafood from relatively healthy and well-managed fisheries and to support conservation efforts. This is encouraging news for consumers and for the fish. I hope it's the wave of the future."

EcoFish has pledged to donate 25 percent of pre-tax profits to help support marine conservation, education and research efforts around the world. EcoFish has consulted with marine scientists, educators, conservationists, and industry trade groups to ensure that featured species meet strict ecological criteria. All species come from well-managed ecologically sound sources, which are universally considered to be fished in a sustainable manner, with minimal by-catch and habitat issues; or aquaculture-based operations with environmentally friendly harvest technologies.

Some featured species include: Dungeness Crab from the sustainably managed low by-catch trap fishery in Oregon, Pacific Halibut from the well-managed quota-based Alaskan long-line fishery, environmentally friendly farmed Blue Mussels from Prince Edward Island Canada, and cold water Lobster Tail from the well-managed quota-based low by-catch trap fishery of South Africa.

Nick Furman, Executive Director of the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission is eager to work with EcoFish toward marketing their sustainably managed crab: "We take pride in the fact that Oregon Dungeness crab has met the high standards identified by EcoFish, and are confident that consumers will see a noticeable difference in the quality of the seafood products coming from this new company."

EcoFish operates a distribution center in Portsmouth, NH. Customers can order over the secure server on-line at www.ecofish.com or call EcoFish toll free at 1 (877) 214-FISH and request a product list by mail.

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