"I just love you guys and what you guys stand for. I only buy EcoFish when I buy seafood and I recommend you to all my friends. Keep it up!"


"Spawning Creativity - Salmon's Versatility Offers Something for Everyone" 
By Diana Rosen
Sante Magazine
May 2002

"Henry Lovejoy, president of EcoFish, Inc. of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, reveals that in 2000 alone, his company sold 150,000 pounds of fresh or frozen wild Alaskan salmon from carefully monitored sustainable fisheries. EcoFish sell primarily coho salmon from an Alaskan troll fishery. The mild pink meat is delicious and takes well to all cooking techniques"

Lovejoy maintains that fresh, wild Alaskan salmon "has a stronger, more flavorful taste [than farm-raised fish], and seafood lovers really appreciate the fact that each season offers something totally different."

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