"I am so proud to support you and your mission. You guys really have it down. Thanks so much."

Michelle N.

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Our Mission

  • SharkProvide only the most sustainable, highest quality, healthiest, all natural, most delicious seafood to our customers.

  • Help support sustainable fisheries (wild & aquaculture), and their fishing communities by featuring their sustainable seafood products and adding value to their catch.

  • Help reverse the decline of marine bio-diversity by encouraging a shift in consumer demand away from over-exploited fisheries.

  • Offer a level of customer service unmatched in the seafood industry.

  • Accentuate the positive — highlight fishery success stories by increasing demand for these products, creating an incentive for others to adopt sustainable fishing practices.

  • Support marine conservation efforts through collaboration with conservation, research and educational organizations worldwide.

  • Raise consciousness of the threats to the world's oceans by providing a credible source of environmentally responsible seafood to the rapidly growing consumer demographics seeking environmentally sustainable products.

  • Set a good example for corporate America by striving for the "Triple Bottom Line" — operate a profitable business that's also responsible to its community and the environment.

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